Membership Benefits

It's Exclusive

Exclusive membership opportunities are available for Doctors of Chiropractic who align with our intent, vision and beliefs. They must be willing to become a fully engaged member and to make a total commitment to the tribal concepts and to their fellow members.

No Contracts

Membership Contracts, in our opinion, are restrictive in nature. We do not want to buy your allegiance – we want to earn it.

If you are growing, happy and excited, stay on – and if and when you choose to leave us for any reason, you can do so at any time with dignity, respect, and our thanks.

Tribal Gatherings

There are three (3) Tribal Gatherings per year (included in membership fee) and each are only two (2) days in length allowing members to get home on Saturday evening and spend Sunday with their families.

There is no need for the formality of suits and ties or the old fashioned straight lecture format. Instead, we provide fresh and invigorating dialogs and thought provoking interactive tribal discussions and exercises.

Face 2 Face Coaching

"Face-2-Face," (one-on-one), live and focused, 30 minute webcam coaching sessions (every other week) with experienced, professional coaches. These sessions are designed to help you raise your standards and achieve your individual goals.

Pow Wow Meetings hosted by Dr. Larry Markson

Each and every member gets the opportunity (every other week) to join a Pow Wow Group Meeting with host Dr. Larry Markson.

These interactive conversations, dialogs, and discussions cover topics such as: the Psychology of Success, Prosperity Consciousness & Financial Stability, Modern Practice Procedures, Associate and CA Training, Leadership Skills and any other subject the Group wants to bring to the table.


All members are entitled to participate in our twice-a-month, hour long, all together, webcam discussions. Topics, schedules, times, and passwords are provided via email.

Online Social Network

Our private tribal online social network allows our members to connect with one another through various social media outlets. Here, we generate a cross-pollination of ideas, concepts, resources, and materials to assist you with your journey toward ultimate success in all areas of your life.

The Cabin Experience

All tribal members are cordially invited to participate in Dr. Larry Markson's life-changing "Breaking Free – Personal Freedom Retreat" in Salmon Lake, Montana.

For a more complete description and all the details, please log onto and call Larry personally if you have any questions at all.

While participation at The Cabin is not mandatory for membership in The Markson Connection, over 90% of members have been there. It is the foundation of our work.

Become a Member

Thank you for making the decision to join The Markson Connection. To complete your registration online, click here.