Tribal Gatherings

2015 Tribal Gathering Dates

January 29-31
June 11-13
October 8-10

The Markson Connection's Tribal Gatherings are about collective energy. We'll connect you to our tribe of like-minded Chiropractors, who share the drive to achieve exactly what you desire: an undeniably strong and booming practice, a fulfilled life, and the rewards of an extraordinary lifestyle.

The Tribal Gathering is where the tribe unites and the work gets done. Over the course of two full days, the Gatherings are designed as a combination of organized and informal interactions, guest speaker presentations, excursions, and interfacing between tribe members in order to focus on self-awareness, building prosperous practices and performing service to humanity. You will join the collective consciousness of leaders and future leaders of the Chiropractic profession to share philosophies, ideas and strategies to fuse who you are with what you want. The vibrations from every Tribal Gathering will ripple into every facet of your life, filling you with the determination to take responsibility and achieve limitless success.